Hi, I'm Kevin Casey, a senior at the University of California Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This summer I'm interning at Facebook out of the New York office on the iOS News Feed team.
Previously I worked as an intern at GoDaddy and a TA for CS169 at UC Berkeley.
  • I'm a hacker: relying on the ability to turn impractical ideas into reality.
  • I'm a developer: finding innovative solutions to problems.
  • I'm a teacher: passing on the knowledge that I've acquired.
On this site you can find projects I've worked on, my experience, my education, my resume and my contact info. Thanks for visiting my site.

Study With Me

[demo] [result] [repo]

Time: 10/25 - 9 hrs + ~30 hrs from 2/1/2015 - 2/6/2015 + app store release

Language: Objective-C

Released an iOS app through UC Berkeley designed to allow students to broadcast and find current study groups

Break it Build it Fix it - 1st Place

[result] [repo]

Time: 8/28/14 - 9/23/14

Language: Python

First place in a Security Hackathon. Built an secure log file to describe the state of an art gallery.

Hack FSM - 1st Place

[demo] [result] [repo]

Time: 4/1/14 - 4/12/14 (12 days)

Language: Python

1st place in a weeklong hackathon hosted by the Bancroft Library at Berkeley. Designed and built a web interface for the FSM Archive.

Artificial Intelligence - Pacman Contest


Time: Spring 2014

Language: Python

1st place winner in a contest of programming multi-agent competitive capture the flag (food pellet) game

This site was built using Ruby on Rails and is currently hosted on heroku linked to a namecheap domain. The code backing this is located on GitHub. I know that using Rails is somewhat overkill for hosting what is basically a static site, but I really love developing in Rails!